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Growing up as the youngest of 7, Rory Welch knows what it's like going to bed hungry and days without water and electricity because of his family's economic challenges in rural Louisiana. Vowing not to allow his conditions to define him and his willingness to work hard, he worked his way through school, earning a BA in Economics from Furman University and his MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington.


Rory Welch works as a consultant specializing in supply chain, operations management, and strategy. He has an extensive operating background spanning over 20 years across multiple industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and technology. 

Early in his career, Rory's mentor taught him that if you're unhappy in a situation, you have three choices: accept it, change it, or get out of it. Taxpayers have plenty to be dissatisfied with as crime rates, taxes, and corruption soar and our children fall behind in their education. Maintaining the status quo isn't acceptable, nor is leaving Illinois for more tax-friendly states. Home is worth fighting for, so Rory decided to change Illinois' destructive path by running for state representative.  


Rory is an avid cyclist and enjoys staying active in the community he calls home. He's been a den leader in the local cub scouts, worked with foster children as a CASA volunteer, and was elected to the Sunset Ridge School District 29 board in 2019. 


He and his wife Katy reside in Northfield with their four children. They are active members of the Lutheran Church of the Ascension.

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Too many kids are falling behind with the challenges associated with remote learning. The strength of our educational system requires open schools, parental involvement, and a strong curriculum to prepare students for the future. Illinois is fortunate to have a wide network of technical, trade, community colleges, and universities, and we must do a better job connecting these schools within our K – 12 educational system to provide early exposure to future career opportunities and ensure their readiness for whatever path they choose.   


Public Safety

The push to defund the police and reduce bail requirements has had catastrophic results across the country. Yet, Illinois politicians went against the advice of law enforcement organizations and passed legislation freeing criminals and handcuffing police officers from doing their job. We need to support our police departments, put a strong effort into reducing violent crime, and make sure criminals are punished and taken off the streets. To do so, our leaders should not pass legislation making criminals the heroes and demonizing the men and women who took an oath to serve and protect our communities.  



It’s the government’s job to create an environment for job creation. Unfortunately, the policies coming out of Springfield punish employers and hard-working taxpayers, making us among the least taxpayer-friendly states in the nation. We need to reduce the overall tax burden in Illinois, starting with property tax reform to ensure everyone can achieve the American dream of owning and keeping their home. 



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